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09 August 2020 at 22:29

Gift Lubele

Normally I would write this to my future self

To reflect on how I was in the past

Which in this case is today, its now, its the 09th of August 2020 at 22:30

But honestly I think I just need to vent.

I write this in my room

Well, at least this is the closet thing to my room

You see the reality is that I am renting

My whole family is renting

A family of 6 in two different rooms

5 people in one room

The other one thinks he is becoming a man you see

As a result he should stay alone in his man cave

Over time you start accepting it

Someone’s house

Your best behavior

Their generosity

Your never late rent payments

Their respect

Your respect

The golden code to building strong relationships with landlords.

I know this because my mom has been renting before I was born

I turned 23 years old this year in February

I grew up in 3 cities, 2 townships and more than 8 sections

I could never call one of them home.

As I write this, I am reminded of where I am

By a public flushing toilet open to all tenants in the yard

Which I and it are divided by a thin wall on my right.

On my left hand sign, my snoring neighbor

A hard working man who wakes up at 4 am everyday excluding Sunday

To go work at a demanding job that lets him get home by 21:00 pm almost daily

I have grown to accept the sound he makes at night while sleeping

I have grown to accept the sounds she makes at night when he is not sleeping

All this, accompanied by loud music played until 00:00 late at night in the next yard

Sounds of old and young women, screaming “Yebo!”

I fear to call the police because I just don’t want to see Police men dancing and drinking in uniform

Today is Women’s day, and although I can clearly hear that the majority of people in the next yard are men

I have convinced my self that it is hard working women who deserve to have a great time in this special day

Moreover, tomorrow is a holiday so YOLO right?

This to me is a normal Sunday

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