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9 to 5 Employee Entrepreneurs

-Lessons from Corporates-

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How many friends do you have who left a normal 9 to 5 job to start their own businesses? Perhaps I should ask how many friends you have who started their own business predominately because of the fear having a boss who will manage, instruct or even control them? If you are one of us, here is why I think we should start sharing the essential lessons startup entrepreneurs can learn from a 9 to 5 job.

Few years ago, working in a big corporate was a dream many people fought to the death to live, the idea of working in a comfortable high paying job from 9 to 5 was glamourized with the employment benefits serving as evidence to the high life job. Times have changed, majority of today’s youth dream of owning businesses of their own, and although their dreams are absolutely necessary in today’s economy, I feel it’s unjust to totally ignore the business lessons that comes with working in a corporate. Here are some lessons I have started learning from being a Business Solution Intern at Internet Solution.

  1.  Business Processes are air and water

I am strongly convinced that any businesses, organizations and startups that are not taking processes serious are only building up for failure, business process have become extremely crucial in today’s world due to the introduction of Artificial intelligent machines that automate almost everything. In fact according to an Artificial Intelligence research director & best-selling author of "Human+Machine: Reimagining Work for the Age of A.I.", H. James Wilson. Many corporates are reimagining Business Processes with Algorithms. Startup entrepreneurs can learn a great deal from working in a huge corporate that is build and ran by processes and systems- which is almost every one.

2. Doing what you hate improves the chances of doing what you love.

Have you ever worked at a corporate and felt like your unique skill is underutilized, or worked at a job you absolutely hate and or had a manager that just didn’t give a $#@! ? I have too. My belief is that entrepreneurs need this experience to increase their chances of taking that giant step towards doing something they truly love. In fact you don’t have to leave your job, you can Moonlight – have more than 1 job on top of the primary job. Here is a 2016 study done by Adobe that demonstrates that 1 in 3 USA office moonlight and other than money passion is the number one thing people moonlight.

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