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An Award from the President of Mauritius.

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I often say that the first step towards solving most of the pressing social and economic issues faced by the vast majority of the African youth can be solved by doing one thing, Volunteering.

Through volunteering, I was recently invited to attend the 2017 10 days Global Social Leaders Forum organized by an NGO that is truly impacting lives called YUVA (Youth United In Voluntary Actions). The forum brought together amazing leaders from all parts of the world intending to promote key factors that make up a global leader.

Through the forum, we got involved in many activities that were mind-stretching and emotionally involving, such included donating clothes to the needy in a Mauritian Village.

On the 16th December, 2017 at Port Louis the the president of the republic of Mauritius His Excellency Mr. Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory, awarded different global leaders. I was given an award of excellence and appreciation for the work I have done and the work I am yet to do in Mauritius.

My journey goes on to show that by only offering your time, service and perhaps money for free as a young person in a field that is in line with what you want to become, you increase the chances of actually becoming that thing. Many benefits come with volunteering; for me, the best one is a connection.

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