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"Coolest Monkey in the Jungle"

Thoughts by Gift Lubele

Before we begin, I would like to say that I am a black young man who comes from a disadvantaged background yet I fail to remember even a single white person who discriminated or prejudiced me because of my race, but I had several encounters of black people treating me like nothing. This made me wonder, what is the term for when the same race practices racism on each other?

Not so long ago H&M had an advertisement of a black cool kid wearing a hoodie that reads “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" and another white cool kid wearing a hoodie that reads" Mangrove Jungle Survival expert". This ad went viral and made major headlines with many people painting it racist, of course I was one of the people but looking at a picture of two young boys who don't even fully comprehend what racism means yet they could become future enemies because of the hype created by the media made me think twice.

I wondered what would have happened if the H&M's directors were black or if the cool white kid was wearing the shirt instead, would it have changed anything, would it have changed everything?
The more I asked the more I realized that the word Monkey soon might be a vulgar word, so each time its used in movies a parental advisory explicit content warning should appear, and no one else expect black people should say it.

Honestly, does forbidding words like Ni**a, Ka**ir, and very recently Mo***y help reduce racism, and what is the term for when the same race practices racism on each other?

Its extremely challenging to end racism because of its many unjust causes such as environment, culture, economy, politics, regulations etc but its not impossible, this is a marathon we must all run to win. Last year March, many South Africans went to strike suggesting that hate speech should be a crime but how would that help because when someone says something offensive it means they have been thinking about it, so if they can't say it but still think about it, are we really solving the problem?

Racism isn't only found in white people like the media portrays, its also among-st us black people, its even in some of us. Here are suggestions of what we could do to at least cool it down according to the APA.

  • Acknowledge, protect and promote the quality of life of victims of racism and other forms of intolerances.
  • Establish, endorse and actively support financially, Institutes on Racial and Ethnic Equity and Mental Health Promotion, at the highest levels.
  • Establish a "focal point" on racial equality.

Find more information click here

Leaders all over the world, racism is a men made predicament and for that reason alone it and will be resolved.

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