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Dear Music

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Dear Music.

I trust you are still healing, touching and uniting nations.
Allow me to introduce my self, I am a young mystified teenager who is hunting for a single philosophical theory that truly defines who I am and the purpose of my existence.

We meet daily, and I understand that you are busy; hence, you may not recognize me, but you would surprise to know how close we are. You live few centimeters away from me, in an electronic device we call a mobile phone or laptop.

You mostly use your favorite freeway called Headsets or ear-pieces to reach many young people, and this is where we meet daily.

I am writing so to pass my gratitude to you for being with me when I was sentimental and when I was feeling with my logic because my feelings were gone. You mean a lot and you mean something to me MUSIC.

M for Mindset, each time I listen to you a new way of thinking awakens deep within me, disorganized thoughts queue forming this perfectly disorganized line of nothing but thoughts.

U for Understanding, with this mindset my comprehension level is enhanced, helping me understand the underestimated who are unemployed, people with dreams, hopes and inspirations.

S for Self-awareness, you equip me with my heroic armor, each time I encounter you I am fully aware of my full capabilities and how much I can contribute to the smallest thing that could start the biggest thing on Earth.

I for Icon, this self-awareness helped me understand that I shouldn't corn people to be on top but I should serve people on the bottom to be an Icon.

C for Can-Do, when I listen to you I not believe but I know that I can do not will do or should do but can do.

Continue touching, healing and uniting nations.

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