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Do Mondays really suck?

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If we renamed Monday Friday or perhaps Saturday and Sunday was our last option, would it change how we feel, perceive, and do things on this day? Alarms go off, I reach out for my phone, and when I saw the M-word on my screen, my mind went off.
Felt like going back to my dreamland, use my sleep as a time travel machine that will transport me to Choose-Day the next day because Mondays suck, and I hate them.

Today, a friend said something that intrigued me.
"I love Mondays, and there is a new start. Why do you hate them?" she said.
"Well, I hate them, I hate them because I wake up tired, disorganized, moody, sometimes super lazy and ..." I replied.
As I continued telling her why I hate Man-days, I realized that it had nothing to do with the day, but everything to do with the man. I wake up tired because I sleep late most Sundays, disorganized because I choose not to plan and my feelings change no matter the day, I meant last Friday I was feeling like $&*#!

Social media hates Mondays, but why do I?
Now that I think about it, Monday might be, in fact, one of the best days I know In the week. It is the only day worthy of being in front of the day of the Lord because it gives you a new clean start. Mondays don't suck; our view towards them is upside down after all that determines good days from bad is how we perceive them.

I know this might be crazy but think of Monday as Friday, let's see how that can change how you feel about them.

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