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Finish It !

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He said, instead did something terrible to you, you want to revenge, do it to him twice as bad.
But that's foolish; your attempt to revenge will only fuel him to be worst.
It's okay, give him the notion that he won, let him rest his weapons as you sharpen yours.
It's okay, let him win this battle, as you prepare for the war.

Breaking is what he did to you, scars are what he left on you, and in nightmares, he visits.
Sad, you may be, but grateful is what you should be, thankful that he made you more durable, more robust, and with his scars on you, motivation is near.
He acts tough and breaks hearts to feed his obsession for power, toughness, and perhaps coolness.
Unaware, he exposes himself, clearly showing you all his point-blank, so Finish it!
Target his power source, calculate the trajectory, the wind, the air pressure, aim steady, and finish it!

Finish this sentimental war within you, finish it by doing everything you can to be better than him. Pray, he lives longer so he may see you flourish in front of his eyes, finish this by being more successful than him because a friend that steals your idea is a friend that gives you a reason not to give up.

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