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Her Eyes

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The color of the desert sand in her eyes​

Some believe that eyes are a direct portal that has the ability to transport you into someone's subconscious world, where you will see all their lies, truths, emotions and even thoughts. Maybe this is true because the optic nerve has a visual link connected to the brain, where the eye works like a camera that sends pictures and videos to the brain, so does that mean if you look deep in someone's eyes you could actually see the pictures and videos that are sent to the mind?

I wanted to find out so I looked into her eyes and I just got lost because of the color of the sinking desert sand in her eyes. I fail to fully describe them for they are reddish-brown with a bit of yellow, three hues which makes a color that only exists in her eyes, a color unknown.

Pinpointed my attention in her eyes, I started seeking, going deeper as though I was standing on quicksand with heavy items. Was I drowning because of the color of the sinking desert sand in her eyes, why was I enjoying it so much, is this how drowning feels like, if so then let me drown in the deepest place on earth.

I know now, I know that the deepest place is found not in the ocean but in your eyes...

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