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I never chose this !

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I never chose this !

Don't blame me for I never chose this!

Poverty victim

Youth unemployment contributor

Crime initiator and sometimes teenage pregnancy influencer.

I am not proud to carry these titles under my belt but when my dad decided to lose his belt and brought me to this planet there were already waiting for me.

You see my arrival on Earth was already a deserter and inconvenience to my mom as though I left my previous destination with an emergency departure. I came between her and her final examinations, just like those multiple questions she had to choose one answer from the above scenario and although I was chosen I still wonder today if I am the correct answer.

Dad left when I was 4 years old, mom became Dad when I was 5 years old, grandmother become mom when I was 6 years old while my real mom was working like my dad should have in Johannesburg trying to put food on the table and when I was 7 years old I became my own big brother.

Yes I know that I am a mommy's baby and daddy's maybe. You think I wanted this !? Well I didn't okay!

It was very recent when I realized that is no word that could summarize the greatness of God, that he has a plan for all of us and that we don't need to understand his plans because a human brain is too small to comprehend even 1% of God.

All we have to do is believe, hope and have faith.

Believe that we are the change we want to see

Hope that through our actions the world will be a better place

And have faith that our good deeds will surpass our bad ones

It is very recent that I realized that there is a lot of good people in this world who are afraid of taking action. So I plea with you my brothers and sisters let us not be afraid to do good, let us focus on our mission more than on our position, let us forget about money for a second and focus on our purpose, let us give success a new meaning, an African meaning.

Let us be because we can.

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