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Insufficient Funds

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Consider your self blessed, lucky, and even privileged if you haven't had that moment in your life.

That moment when you rub your card on your body with your heart rising because you swiped it twice, and the thought of blocking it on your third attempt seems scarier than the thought of you walking away with disappointment.

People queuing behind shouting and insulting you with their eyes, without saying a word at all. I call these days, part of the process, the process we must embrace, not encourage nor promote but embrace for it is necessary for our growth.

I would argue that this is a process that nearly everyone goes through, students at colleges or schools with big dreams, hard-working entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas, top employees with goals and even corporates and investors. We work most days in our lives, planning, strategizing and executing just so we never encounter these two disabling words in our transactions. Insufficient funds.

It is okay to say that funds will not necessarily afford you love, happiness, life long memories with loved ones, however, it is equally okay to say that funds do give you many choices and with the right selection of choices one has the ability to have the above mentioned.

With insufficient funds, we have very little choices so we are forced to settle for what we have because when the preferable is not available, the available becomes preferable.

Receive this as advice, next time when you meet this words on an ATM, shopping center or even online, mark them down, let not the process sadden you, let not these two words disable you and let not your situation tell you what to do. When you have insufficient funds, smile and be thankful that your current situation reminded you that you just need to put in a bit more of your time, thoughts and work to get your preferable.

At the end of the day, its our perception on things that entirely distinguishes how we experience life processes.

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