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My first Christmas Dinner

Gift Lubele

Evergreen spruce that looks as alive when cut, colorful lights that turn our bad days into good, family members whose faces are beautifully painted with smiles and a turkey dinner that fills not only your stomach but spirit. This is what I saw in Christmas movies for I never had the luxury to experience.

Today many young people still don't know what it's like to dine with the entire family, my self included. The fact that being born in a disadvantageous family deprived me some of the most obvious things one could think of such as a whole family Christmas dinner is unfortunate but this is the life I am given, hence I am learning, sharing and more importantly appreciating it.

When I was a kid, one of the things I wanted to do was to sit on Santa's thigh, tell him I was a good boy that year and get my present. Luckily, it happened, Santa gave me the most significant gift I have ever seen, and when I was about to open it, I woke up.

Years passed, and finally this year, a friend invited me to her house. A family of 4, the husband, her (the wife), and two cute kids. A replica of a family picture I had in mind since I knew what family means.
Close Friends and families from far came together, we danced with no shame, drunk with purpose and although mostly spoke french, which I don't know, we conversed, shared jokes and knew each other better.

Minutes later, the father disappeared and Santa imaged! Whitebeard, big belly and the famous HOO HOO laughter. Even to the kids, it was obvious that it's not the real Santa but within those few seconds it made sense why kids believe in "him". He might be a myth but he brings with him so many good reasons that construct a family, he teaches kids that good behavior is rewarded, and to be charitable and think of others, I even got a gift from Santa.

To close it off, a lovely Turkey dish that reminded me of what perfectly cooked food can do to our moods when served. It might seem silly, but I lived my dream that day, so keep believing for your dream too awaits you with a gift, perfectly cooked meal, friends and family.

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