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Old dreams with dying Passions

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What would you be if you followed the dreams you had as a kid, limitless dreams filled with passion?

Slowly reaching in her purse while explaining that I need to color every part, she gives me three different paint brushes: green, blue and red. "Paint it how you like, the colors are in your hands okay?", she says. With excitement I keep knotting uncontrollably as though her voice had an echo and I was agreeing each it I heard it. Deeply contemplating about how the colors will look with my little hands on my little chin, imagining how the colors will look like when I costume this animal.

It was a zebra you see, nothing was wrong with it, it was just black and white and I had three colors in my hand.

With no starting nor ending direction I colored, no lines to follow, no rules to obey and with the power of three paint brushes I costumed the Zebra. It look odd, mysterious and almost proof that there is life in the galaxy. Blue mixing with red with a touch of green, an untitled unexplainable color only found in the galaxy. "Mom..! Mom..! I am done come see", jumping up and down I said. It was the best art work I have ever done. After a few seconds of speculations, a long dramatic pause and with glowing eyes she says" You broke every coloring rule...but its beautiful". "I know, but thank you", I responded.

As she goes back into a circular like shack I call Home, made with soil, cow dung, dirty water and grass. I kept questioning, not why her eyes were glowing nor why she took time to respond, I asked, "do I have to break every rule there is in coloring in order to create something this beautiful?".

"Follow the rules, you need to start here, end there, color within the lines!" My teacher said. Its a year after, in my first grade learning how to color, the one thing that I do with passion. We are told the sun is yellow, its circular and it has straight line (rays) around it. I want to believe this, trust me, but looking at the sun rays that piece through our class window unto our desks as though nature was trying to disprove what we were learning, I could clearly see that there is more than one color in these rays, colors I don't know, colors they don't teach. I knew that if the rays had different colors than there must be more colors to the sun, yellow can't be the only one.

My curiosity didn't last long, the following years I was following the rules, starting and ending somewhere and coloring within the lines. This wouldn't make me angry if the sun truly had one color, but I now know that yellow isn't the only one, there is more, I now know that indeed breaking each and every rule in coloring you get the best artwork ever.

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