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To the lady who may never know this is for her

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They said its the thought that counts

Why do I feel like my mine doesn’t

Maybe they were not having the same thoughts am counting.






And sometimes the total opposite of full; Completely Empty.

All happening together, sometimes at once.

They said its the thought that counts

But why does mine need action?

A bit worried to keep it inside

A bit afraid to voice it out

Internal contradictions

External corrections

On small incidents, gestures and even looks that might make it obvious

As to what my thought is.

Truth be told, I think it may be absolutely wonderful

But then again, I think it might also be surprisingly awful

You don’t know what this thought is yet,

Part of it is because I am still devising a way

To share without breaking

To touch without feeling

To enjoy with no attachment

To promise without committing

To light a fire on thin ice

Part of it is because I am still…

Impossible things like one of those Disney movies

Where the fire falls involve with the ice

Each one deadly to the other

But their togetherness brings something we all need to survive - Water

I am not saying you are ice, and I am fire

Or You are fire and I am ice,

What I am simply trying to say is,

Do you really think fire and Ice can co-exist

That two opposite things can somehow find that which is common

Do you think that common thing is enough

Is it even worth it?

Do you really think its the thought that counts ?

Even when the other doesn’t know what the thought is?

Yes ?

No ?


Me too, I also don’t know which one is it.

That is why I am going to ask you.

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