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Unforeseen Circumstances

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Almost seen obvious that every life treating event men encounters, comes an underlining lesson that will change not only our perceptions, but our lives with irremovable scars that remind us of what life truly is, or perhaps what is not. These type of events have with them the potential to kill if not incapacitate, such include being raped, robbed, losing a loved one, and so on.

This year I had the unfortunate privilege of encountering almost all of the above, from losing a young smart warm-hearted loved one, to going through a rape case of a family member but the highlight of the year was being in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 2 weeks due to a robbery incident. Perhaps at this point you are expecting me to introduce lessons I have learnt through these encounters, an underlying message that came when I was so close to losing my life but I don't have it, not yet. What I do have is a story, a story that vividly demonstrates the true state of our country, and somehow denotes the fact that sometimes unforeseen circumstances are a crucial reminder of life's importances.

After work in a busy day that started with an annoying alarm tone that somehow seem to make my bed ridiculously enjoyable and sleeping more desirable only after it goes off, I find myself walking home just few minutes after the sunset with different color variation in the sky piercing the clouds with the color red dominating as though I was being warmed of whats ahead. I was walking alone in a street I usually take to get home when local taxis are no more and am trying to save, and although I walk alone at night in most cases I am escorted by my headsets buried deep in my ears listening to Martin Garrix vs. Katy Perry - Access Roar with the aim of hearing nothing but the song that energizes my entire body. Two traffic lights away from my apartment there were three guys standing divergently aside the road, brushed my eyes on their faces but the sun had set already, taking all the rays and leaving faces blurred by darkness, hence I couldn't recognize any. I journeyed on without hesitation until I noticed that one of the guys was following me, I walked faster, music louder, held my bag even tighter all signs of panic and I guess this gave the guy the signal he needed.

One traffic light away from my apartment, the guy picked a rock nearly the size of my head, ran quietly, or maybe loudly but how would I know, my headset had blocked my hearing and before I knew it, I was down, blood dripping in my ear, body still and no sound at all. For some minutes I felt like I was having one of those dreams that start with you and your friends, then some undefinable monster comes but you can't move when everyone is running, your whole body is frozen and all you can do is look at the monster running towards you. With no alternative I started saying "in the name of Jesus, in the name of jesus..."

The small of grass began to fill my nose, my heart began to rise and the night become few degrees colder. I could fill the fear of death crawling in but flashing lights of on coming traffic gave me hope for rescue and even life. First car passed me as though I am grew up with the grass I was in, then the second one, and when I heard the roaring engine sound of the third car, I paused to withdraw all the little strength I had only to raise my hand. This didn't do much, maybe they noticed me, but how many times have you passed people on the side of the road while they were waving at you thinking they are saying hi, while in actual fact they were fighting for their lives?

I knew that staying there may result in bleeding to death so I stood, not straight or right but I stood, took off my blazer to use as a bandage on my head and with my other shoe in the other hand I starting walking to my apartment. The blood rushing to my head made me feel bilious and faint resulting in a disabled toddler like walk. Traffic started noticing me but still no one stopped, this includes a police van, only when I was 1 min away, a men who I assume was a family man because in his car where kids who where scared of the fact that I was walking more than the blood that came from my head. When I got home, my housemate, no friend, no brother drove me to the hospital, wasn't the most enjoyable drive for both of us, I had several seizures, well not that I remember. He still can't tell me what happened that night, when he is ready I shall share more.

What I clearly remember is the Doctor's examination conclusions from my head:

- 3 mm fracture on my skull with the potential to grow is I hit or get hit hard

- Right ear nerve broken with the possibility of losing some hearing ability if not treated carefully.

Like I said before, I am still trying to learn from this experience, perhaps there are some life lessons to be drawn from this but I haven't realized them, not yet, when I do I shall share them too.  

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