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Young Entrepreneurial African Leader

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Dear young entrepreneurial African Leader
I write this to let you know that it's okay, let the world judges us by our scars, let the media feed them false narratives that exaggerate beyond human conditions, and let them continue thinking we need aid.
I want you to know that it's okay, their ignorance blinds them, they are unable to see that we learned from our pain, that our success stories keep growing because of our rich history, and more importantly, they are unable to know that we are taking over the world.
Dear young African entrepreneurial Leader, are you part of them, does your ignorance also blind you, do you even know your history?

I am referring to our heroes, the legendary men who put their lives on the line to build this continent, a bloody line that drew our African map, a range so strong if you look carefully, you can still see it today.
Do you even know them? Oh yeah...? Then name five, excluding Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, and Robert Mugabe.
Dear young entrepreneurial Leader, this continent is ours to fix, grow, enhance, and the only way we will be able to be if we know our history. What they did for us, the hardship they went through, and how that affected us today.

Let us realize that great things never came from comfort zones; great ideas come from problem zones. Yes, we will fail, but let us persist since the more we failed, the more we move forward. Of course, it is not lovely, failing. It is sad, hard, and sometimes depressing. However, the word fail means the first attempt in learning. The trick is if we keep failing and don't learn, then the word fail means Falling again in limitations.

The world will soon be ours to influence, direct and perhaps control, are you ready?
The world can see us recovering from our scars, changing heartbreaking stories to success stories and aid into an investment, can you see it?
The world is taking off big shoes for us to fill, will we?
All this will be unessential if we fail to portray our true identity to the world, so be proud, be entrepreneurial, and be Africa.

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